What's New

Urban Gardening

What about having a little retreat in the busy city - a place where flowers are blooming, herbs and tomatoes are growing? With urban gardening, nature is returning to the city!

Gardening in shade

Is your garden most covered by a shade during the day? No idea what to grow or if it is even possible to grow anything at all?
Don't worry, you still can get a lot out of your garden even without a full day of sun!

New to Composting?

Some common misconceptions about composting are that it's too much work or makes your kitchen smell. But, in the end, it is much easier than you think, and it has a lot of benefits!


Who is Emma Andrews?

I am an avid third-generation sustainable gardener who loves to spend time in nature. I have been gardening with my family all my life, with more than 15 years of practical experience that has enabled me to grow a variety of plants. 


I still remember very well my “rocky” beginnings in gardening and therefore I decided to create GardeNewbies – simply to help other newbies to get inspired and be able to grow beautiful gardens.


Whether you’re curious about raised beds, vegetable gardening or simply how I am doing, I am here to answer your questions.